Studying the art of dance helps many children find their identity.

Being a learned skill, dance helps students see where they begin, the hard work that is required to succeed, and a feeling of accomplishment when they have reached their goals.



Students learn to work together within the classroom and on the stage. Many children take classes with friends, while others join on their own and create new friendships throughout the year.

Outside activities offered by the school help further develop these friendships, and establish what is work, and what is play.



Our older students have the unique opportunity to become assistants within dance classes after taking our assistant training program. These students are able to take on leadership roles within the classroom and beyond by becoming positive role models for our younger students. 

Students are encouraged to help both within the classroom and during our different events, giving them the chance to assume responsibility and gain confidence.




At movement.workshop, we are one big family. Student are able to see firsthand all of the hard work that goes into the making of a production. 

Many of our students now understand how to draft patterns, and have actually helped with the making of their very own costumes. Students are welcomed and encouraged to come help and learn about costume design and construction with Erin. Many come to the studio on days when they don't even have class!