Technical Elements

Competitive dance requires pre-requisite dance ability/knowledge. Please make sure that students have a good understanding of the below elements as per age group. These elements will be asked for at audition. Any student struggling will be given constructive criticism to help them reach their goals and audition next year.

Front Splits -

All Groups

Please show right and left, holding for 10 seconds each.


2. Middle Splits - All groups

Please hold 10 seconds, example below.


3. Bridge backbend - All Groups

Dancer can push up from floor or begin from standing.


4. Turned out Retiré - All Groups

5. Arabesque - All groups

6. Pirouettes - Parallel and Turned out. Dancer can choose side

  • Age 7-10 pre-comp parallel only

  • Age 9-12 Parallel and Turned out double

  • Age 13 + Parallel and turned out triple


Turned out:

7. Grande Jeté (split leap) - All groups

Please show both sides.

8. Calypso (baryshnikov) - 9-12 & 13+

9. Grand Pirouette / A la seconde - 9-12 & 13+

Need some extra help?

Here are some videos with tips and tricks to help you with your technique. If you’re struggling with anything, be sure to check them out! :)

Always make sure that your muscles are warmed up before dancing and stretching!!

Remember that splits take time to achieve and you must practice daily to achieve. Do not attempt any oversplits until your splits are flat on the ground with square hips.